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Posts made in October, 2019

USS Johnson? Deepest Navy Wreck Ever Found May Have Been From The First Battle To Use Kamikazes

Though the Japanese navy became famous for Kamikaze (Tokubetsu Kōgekita) suicide attacks using planes, it was really only during the last year of World War II that they occurred. And Vulcan Inc.’s Research Vessell Petrel's latest discovery may have been from the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which means it may have been due to the first instance of such a suicide plane encounter. After the Allied...

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Hygiea: Asteroid or Dwarf Planet? Using IAU Member Definitions, It’s Impossible To Know

Once 237 astronomers took it upon themselves to change the definition of a planet so that Pluto did not count - unless a handful of others did count - there is little point in reading a textbook on the matter. The number could change next year and again the year after.Because "dwarf planet" is entirely subjective and therefore meaningless. In removing one subjective definition of planet and...

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On The 100th Anniversary Of Prohibition, The American Academy of Pediatrics Temperance Union Goes After Diet Soda

On this day in 1919, exactly 100 years ago, the Volstead Act introduced Prohibition, which was signed into law and created a ban on alcohol. A ban on alcohol was necessary, according to social authoritarian groups like the Anti-Saloon League and Woman's Christian Temperance Union, because companies had created alcohol flavors that too many people liked, it was not safe to have alcohol...

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