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Posts made in July, 2020

Hangover Remedies Are A Scam And FDA Is Going After These Companies Selling Them

Thanks to President Clinton's belief in supplements and alternatives to medicine, in 1994 FDA lost the ability to regulate a whole lot of products - as long as the products made supernatural claims and not medical ones, and put a disclaimer on the packages that no science was involved.read...

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An Eco-Terrorist Who Destroyed A Sunflower Field Is Called An Environmental Hero. There’s Just One Problem…

Marie Gangneux is co-president the organic food company Alterna'Bio so it's no surprise she hates science. It's not even a surprise she commits eco-terrorism.read more

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CSPI Has Found A Position So Wacky Even They Won’t Embrace It – And That’s Thanks To Joe Mercola

Center for Science in the Public Interest is a litigation group which claims to be consumer advocates over eeeevil corporations. They were formed by a group who worked for Ralph Nader and specifically wanted to sue food and beverage companies. A few years later the two co-founders left, leaving Michael Jacobson in charge. Jacobson is a microbiologist so why he felt he could correlate infant...

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Planned Parenthood Is Finally Jettisoning The Eugenics Legacy of Their Founder Margaret Sanger

Today, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York announced it is finally going to remove Margaret Sanger’s name from the Manhattan Health Center, which means they finally recognize what everyone knew; Sanger's first goal of birth control was eugenics.Sanger was an institutional racist, part of the progressive elite that believed they had scientific justification for advancing white supremacy. She...

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Defensive Medicine Increases Costs In Dermatology

Dermatopathologists, skin cancer specialists, may be ordering additional tests or second opinions out of caution but they may also be thinking about checking off boxes to prevent malpractice lawsuits.read more

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