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Posts made in December, 2013

Social Authoritarian Christmas – San Francisco Bans Wood Fireplaces, Says It’s Science

There are no chestnuts roasting on an open fire this Christmas if you live in San Francisco, But, really, if you cared about science, freedom or tolerance you moved long ago so you don't mind. You may even be a member of the SPCC - the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Chestnuts. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District says light winds mean the air would be unsafe to breathe if...

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Last-Minute Science Gifts For Christmas

Given the flakiness and rush of shipping at this time of year, if you intend to order something online, you really need to do it today. Sure, you can take a flyer on next week but if you have Amazon Prime and its two-day free shipping, today is the way to go and remain drama free. With that in mind, here are some cool science gifts, if you are still stumped: read...

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Russian Anti-GMO Advocates Get Grinchy About Biology

Holidays are a big season for anti-science groups. Greenpeace gave us a mopey, dirty Santa saying the North Pole was going to melt and now an anti-GMO group in Russia comes right out and says what most groups won't come right out and say - that GMOs should be banned.Most anti-science types at least establish a pretense of 'we distrust corporations' or 'this needs to be studied until we find...

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Multivitamins Don’t Do Much For Your Health

A systematic review of studies has found insufficient evidence that vitamin and mineral supplements are effective for preventing cardiovascular disease, cancer, or mortality from those diseases in healthy adults.Two studies included in the review found lower overall cancer incidence in men who took a multivitamin for over 10 years. Those same studies showed no cancer protection benefit for women....

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Greenpeace Sets Out To Traumatize Kids Again – This Time Using Santa

The eco-terrorism that made Greenpeace famous is no longer in vogue and a large part of their traditionally liberal base has been turned off by their irrational anti-science crusades against food, energy and medicine - basically, the only science they accept is climate science and only then as long as the IPCC continues to estimate our doom.They are dutifully trying to train the next generation...

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