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Posts made in May, 2013

The Data: Spain Is The Best Place To Get Hammered This Weekend

If you want to have a good time, visit Spain. It isn't just the tapas. They have bars. A lot of them.  The average is one bar for every 132 residents. For comparison, the US state with the most bars per capita is North Dakota - one for every 1,620 North Dakotans. The lowest region in Spain, Murcia, has one bar for every 531 people, three times as many bars as the booziest state in...

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Why Science Is Tough For Political Media

There were a whole bunch of protests against Monsanto last weekend - going after a company in name while really going after the science is smart politics, because it allows science media to rationalize that hard-core anti-science progressives are not anti-science at all, they just dislike corporations.And Monsanto is not easy to like.  But politics, as with likability, is subjective....

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Space Warriors And STEM: An Interview With Thomas Horn And Tim Hall

It's not often that the Hallmark Channel gets a shout-out on Science 2.0 but when they send young people into space, I'm in. I got an email about an upcoming movie and it intrigued me so the publicist not only put me in touch with interesting people to interview, they sent along an exclusive clip just for you.  Bonus: There is also a sweepstakes and we all love to win free stuff. read...

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If You Like Chocolate, Embrace Science

Everyone says they care about science. And everyone says they care about developing nations.Chocolate may be instrumental in deliciously helping people care about both. Ivory Coast, the world’s top cocoa producer, has a problem; young people are turning to other crops or giving up on small farms because they can't improve yields enough to make their cocoa holdings worthwhile. The choice is lose...

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40 Percent Of Children Read Calorie Information: 33 Percent Are Overweight

Does more food labeling related to calories and nutrition make a difference?  About one third of American kids and teens is overweight or obese, nearly triple the rate in 1963, making it a much bigger health concern than smoking or drug abuse. Meanwhile, a paper in the Journal of Public Health says obese kids are more likely to be paying attention to calorie information in restaurants....

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