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Posts made in September, 2020

Though Center For Food Safety And Other Lawsuit Groups Want Otherwise, Americans Trust Science

At a time when sue-and-settle activist groups like Center for Food Safety continue to claim scientists - across the private sector, non-profits, and government agencies - are colluding to poison us by allowing safe pesticide use, their messaging is being ignored by more consumers than in decades.read...

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18 Percent Of Americans Don’t Have Enough To Eat, Which Makes Them…Obese?

More than 18 percent of U.S. adults claim they do not have access to adequate food from day to day, according to a new paper, which more than doubled between 1999 and 2016. The result: Higher obesity.People got fat from not enough food?There are obvious confounders, namely recall bias - and it's hard to reconcile an obese person stating on surveys they don't get enough to eat with biological...

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Conspiracy Theories Hinder Progress On COVID-19

Do you believe that COVID-19 was created by Bill Gates so he and his Big Pharma pals could get rich selling a cure? Do you believe career government employees are exaggerating COVID-19 to sway the election to their side?read more

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Smokers Use E-Cigarettes To Quit

When e-cigarettes - vaping - began to gain in popularity in the early part of this decade, critics like Dr. Stan Glantz at UC San Francisco claimed they were only going to be used in addition to cigarettes, so risk reduction and smoking cessation would not happen.Former smokers dismissed both him and his Johnson  & Johnson funding - they make nicotine patches that compete with vaping -...

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COVID-19 Has Brought ‘Thirdhand’ Smoke Epidemiology Back From Its Science Grave

With COVID-19 and worries about the SARS-CoV-2 virus keeping millions of people at home, activists and lawyers are hoping to resurrect worry about a problem dismissed by scientists as a money grab; third-hand smoke.read more

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