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Posts made in May, 2020

While We Worry About 400,000, Let’s Not Jeopardize 80,000,000

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, lots of people don't want to travel anywhere. Even to the doctor. But prevention in this case may be worse than the disease. The World Health Organisation warns that 80,000,000 kids under age 1 are at greater risk of diphtheria, measles and polio because immunization is being hindered in 70 countries.Of the 129 countries where data are...

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Wuhan: CanSino COVID-19 Vaccine Is Safe In Early Results Of Small Trial

Clinical trials are an arduous, costly process in the United States, primarily because every time a drug has side effects or harm not predicted by clinical trials, lawyers sue and then Congress tells FDA to make clinical trials needed for approval more costly and expensive.read...

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Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine: We Need Clinical Trials To Keep Media From Claiming Observational Papers As Fact

An observational study - statistical correlation, no clinical trial was involved - does not show a link between the antimalarial drug chloroquine (or its analogue hydroxychloroquine) and benefit in patients with COVID-19. The pool was nearly 15,000, presumably patients with COVID-19, receiving a combination of any of the four drug regimens, compared with 81,000 who did not. They did find a...

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There Is No Political Divide Over Masks

It's an election year and the third coronavirus pandemic of the last 17 years so Resistance Journalism has lots of targets for its culture war, which is to say the War on Republicans.So we have been treated to claims that Trump didn't do enough to prevent coronavirus deaths by letting CDC handle it after they previously claimed he did too much when he put in travel restrictions after WHO said it...

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Sino-Soviet Playbook 2020: Half Of Tweets About Coronavirus Are Bots

Are you convinced that 300,000 deaths worldwide mean America must stay closed for another three months? You are not alone. You see it everywhere, along with claims that America needs to reopen right this second. Which should you believe? None of them. Half of the retweets about coronavirus are done by bots, and that is right out of the Russian and Chinese playbook.read...

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