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Posts made in December, 2018

Brazzein Is All Natural, 0 Calorie, 2000 Times Sweeter Than Sugar – Now It Could Be Cheap To Produce

Does the world need another sweetener? With debates raging over cane sugar, corn sugar, beet sugar, raw sugar, and numerous zero-calorie alternatives to sugar, new products would seem to be just another thing for Center for Science in the Public Interest to manufacture lawsuits about.The debate may be why Brazzein, from the fruit of the West African Pentadiplandra brazzeana plant, never got any...

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Fact Or Fiction? Rollback Of Obama WOTUS Regulations Will Endanger Our Water Supply

If you are reading media claims about President Trump and the Waters of the United States, they are using terms like "unprecedented" and "sabotage" regarding rollback of some 2015 Obama restrictions that environmentalists had lobbied for and won. Yet these new regulations never took effect, so how can it be sabotaging us?Were we really in danger and only a set of regulations never enacted...

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We Can Now Hear Sound On Mars

NASA's InSight experiment landed on Mars November 26th after traveling 300 million miles over seven months. Though it is there to analyze seismic activity. its seismometer and air pressure sensor and picked up different vibrations on Dec. 1st. The slight hum turned out to be 10-15 mph winds as they blew across Mars’ Elysium Planitia. We can now hear sound on another planet."Capturing this...

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Like Vaccines? Thank The Military

As academia slid left politically in America beginning in the 1970s, an uncomfortable reality began to be swept under metaphorical university rugs; a whole lot of academic scientific innovation is due to military need. Like that your child's modern baby seat can't erupt in flame? Thank the Roman military of almost 2,000 years ago. Like heating up your recyclable pouch of avocado toast points in...

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The Guardian Lets Legal Clerk Erin Brockovich Trump Biology, Toxicology, And Chemistry

The Guardian, official newspaper of those in the anti-science left who still like to pretend they love science, knows what pays the bills...and it ain't science.Yes, some real scientists write there, because it's mainstream media and scientists who do outreach want to be in as many publications as they can, but for the most part Guardian editors distrust science, because their audience does. And...

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