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Posts made in October, 2020

Swiss Fatalism Is So Endemic They’re Not Feeling Worse About The World During The Pandemic

The Swiss are famously negative about everything. The anti-science attack site Swiss Public Eye, for example, routinely undermines the science community and claim the world is doomed unless people switch to products made by their funding sources.It's a pretty bleak existence but they've bee surrounded by militant Germany, France, and Italy for much of their history. They have forts built into...

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By Donating To Sourcewatch, The National Education Association Is Using Teacher Dues To Smear Teachers

Internal documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request show that the two largest teacher unions, the National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers (AFL–CIO), have donated to a Democratic political advocacy organization named "Center for Media and Democracy" which produces numerous products for its base. One of them, Sourcewatch, is a wiki written by...

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Fact-Checking Joe Biden Science Claims On Energy

During last night's Presidential debate, former Obama administration Vice-President and Delaware Senator Joe Biden said something that had Democrats worried and even the most partisan fact checkers holding up an index finger: "I have never said I oppose fracking."Democrats absolutely do oppose natural gas, along with nuclear and even hydroelectric power, so they may have been shocked by his...

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Organic Farming Is Not Compatible With Conservation

A recent paper finds that if just 15 percent of farmland reverted to nature, it would wipe out nearly a third of the carbon we've generated since the onset of the Industrial Revolution.The good news; we can do that easily. The bad news; it involves science, and western elites in environmental activism, from Environmental Working Group in the U.S. To Swiss Public Eye in Europe, are never going to...

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Emmanuelle Charpentier Had To Leave France To Be Allowed To Do The Science For Her CRISPR-Cas9 Nobel

With CRISPR-Cas9 finally getting its Nobel Prize pundits talk about who was excluded, like Feng Zhang and his research group at the Broad Institute, but only a few talk about entire countries left out. And left behind in the 21st century.read...

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