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Posts made in June, 2021

Alzheimer’s And Aducanumab: Should Taxpayer Money Be Spent?

In 2019, Biogen announced that it was abandoning its late stage drug for Alzheimer’s, aducanumab but then in 2021 they got FDA approval for it.read more

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Too Little Water Storage, Pseudoscience Environmental Laws, Plus Drought Put California At Risk

Major droughts in California happen every 20 years and smaller ones more frequently, yet northern California has not built major water infrastructure since the 1960s while the population has doubled. Environmental lawyers block any infrastructure improvements so no new water storage can be added and regulations about water flow in rivers were based on an optimistic guess. During the current...

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If You Just Bought A Marimo Moss Ball, Kill It With Bleach

If you have been to Japan or Europe, you may have seen moss balls - Aegagropila linnaei algae that grow into green velvety balls - and thought it would be nice to have. Don't do it. By caring about the environment and believing natural-is-always-better hype and thinking if Europe or Asia does it, it must be good, you could be releasing a devastating plague. Marimo balls purchased after...

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Dark Alliance Is Going To Disappoint You – But Couch Co-Op Might Have Saved It

I can know when I played a game based on whether or not I had time to play the game. Right now, for example, I have time, my kids are older, so "Frostpunk" and "The Division" will be locked into their high school years. Before they were born I had time because my wife and I would devote whole weekends to binge-watching "24" (before streaming services, there was the outstanding Replay DVR, and it...

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Beekeeper Survey Shows 6% Higher Losses Last Year Than The 39% Average

Honeybees die each year in great quantities and some years are worse than others. Since they are a big business, primarily as roving pollinators for crops that need them at a certain time (like almonds(1) there is always a concern about how to keep losses low.Causes of death were once a moving target. For as long as records of bees have been kept, there have been reports of extraordinary...

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