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Posts made in April, 2013

Climate Change: Where Republicans And Democrats Agree

In America, only two political parties can win the presidency. For that reason the two parties tend to have a 'big tent' mentality and embrace a lot of fringe members in return for votes. The perfect shouldn't be the enemy of the good, the saying goes. Due to that structure, and that a tiny percentage of 'swing voters' determine a winner, the opposing sides tend to vilify and stereotype each...

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Top 10 Science Bloggers – The Real Clear List

Doing a Top 10 List Of Science Bloggers is going to be subjective - so many people in science media write because so many in the audience prefer different styles and different content - that is why there are 700 TV stations also but blogging is cheap. Just know your stuff and write well and you'll get a million readers a month.

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2-Year-Old Gets Trachea Transplant, Made From Her Own Stem Cells

If you read THE WIRED WORLD IN 2013 Annual Trend Report you may have seen my article predicting we would make a big advancement on the road to growing one of the Big 5 organs from a person's own stem cells this year.  That will mean no more driver's license donor permission, no waiting lists and no immunosuppressive drugs. read...

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16 People In Pennsylvania Don’t Love Fracking

There is no question that increased use of natural gas has been good for the atmosphere - energy CO2 emissions are down to early 1990s levels in America and coal is at early 1980s levels of emissions, just like we all said we wanted. Enhanced extraction methods like hydraulic fracturing - fracking - have also been good for the local economies in places like Pennsylvania. But as with any industry,...

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I Was Going To Write Some Words But Keith Kloor Beat Me To It

Reuters gets dinged for being off-kilter journalistically when it comes to politics; to the current generation of independent voters they became famous for their Mid-East coverage last decade by retouching photos to make Israelis look bad and Arabs look persecuted, adding in smoke from explosions that didn't exist, etc. Editors and journalists at other corporate media companies never noticed, but...

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