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Posts made in June, 2024

It Took Biden Abuse Of Science To Get ‘Chevron Deference’ Limited But SCOTUS Finally Did it

In 1984, a court much farther to the left than today's is to the right made arguably its worst 'social justice living document' ruling - they found that an agency controlled by the president could create new regulations that act as laws if those regulations were in the agency's "mandate." All a president had to do was broaden an agency's mandate, or have a Congressional law written poorly, and...

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President Biden Calls It ‘Good Neighbor’, The Supreme Court Calls It Unconstitutional

New York makes a big show of banning natural gas and nuclear energy while preventing brownouts across Manhattan by buying natural gas from neighboring Pennsylvania.President Biden's EPA recently decided that not only should New York be allowed hypocrisy about the sources of its that even Russia-addicted Germany thought was laughable, he wanted Democratic states to be able to sue Republican ones...

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FDA: America Has Created Health inequity In Men

The National Center for Health Statistics shows that average life expectancy for American men in 2022 was down to 74.8 years, 5.4 years lower than American women.read more

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CRISPR Isn’t a GMO But Italian Eco-Terrorists Destroy It Anyway

Last week, eco-terrorists attacked and destroyed a new optimized rice called Telemaco Ris8imo, using genetic engineering (assisted evolution techniques) so that it needs less fungicide. Rice is one of those rather ridiculous crops that western government subsidize and people who don't know anything about agriculture believe needs to be covered in water to grow. It is actually covered in...

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More State Run Liquor Stores May Prevent Suicides

Suicide is the runaway leader in gun deaths in the United States and a new demography paper says more government control of the alcohol business might provide a solution for that, and homicides also.This was a statistical analysis, so only EXPLORATORY, but they correlate more restrictive alcohol laws with a reduction in specific states’ homicide rates. The authors at RAND used the Alcohol...

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