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Posts made in April, 2012

Al Armendariz, EPA Official Claiming Its Goal Was To ‘Crucify’ Fossil Fuel Companies, Resigns

Al Armendariz,  head of the EPA's South and Southwest region in Dallas, has resigned.  He has been criticized for using an unelected position at the EPA (he was appointed by...

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France’s Psychoanalysis Autism Treatment ‘Shame’

France is not exactly known for being pro-science (nor is Europe generally) but when it comes to autism, they are decidedly anti-science.For decades, France has turned its back on the latest scientific thinking and treats autism as a form of psychosis. Instead of using behavioral therapy (developed in the 1970s and '80s in the US and Canada and now the norm in most of the world) to treat autistic...

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Single-Junction Solar Cells Get A New Efficiency Record

Eli Yablonovitch and graduate student Owen Miller of U.C. Berkeley have designed and built a new type of solar cell that gets closer to the theoretical efficiency limit 33.5%, the Shockley–Queisser limit for cells using a p-n junction, by mimicking the behavior of a light-emitting diode.Result: 28.6% efficiency using gallium arsenide as a semiconductor and devising a method to do improved...

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Are Republicans Psychologically Inferior?

I've talked tangentially about a new book by Chris Mooney called The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science -- and Reality, but only because of specific studies he used in doing op-eds to promote the book.  

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Get Radical – And Maybe Be A Better Scientist

In an open science community like Science 2.0, people will feel like they can just sign up and babble about anything and if you protest that what they are doing is not really science (wormholes, brand new theory of everything, social psychology, etc.), they will object with a few predictable responses certain to make everyone chuckle. They go something like; Galileo was oppressed too, Einstein...

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