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Posts made in November, 2023

Are Trace Chemicals In Shiny Hair Products Killing You?

The dose makes the poison, except in academic epidemiology, where H-Index and citations necessitate writing papers claiming any dose is toxic.This is why EXPLORATORY claims aren't actually science itself. When your only method is to ask people what products they use, if they feel sad, angry, or have a disease, and then correlating the product you wanted to target to the malady, it is easy to...

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What Does ChatGPT Say About Holiday Eating Health?

Data tools like ChatGPT, colloquially called Artificial Intelligence (if you think a fancy autocomplete is actual AI), have the promise to do a lot of good. There are some concerns about human content 'creators' being replaced but we don't miss the 150,000 fewer bank tellers we had before the rise of ATMs and a lot of writing done by humans is pretty generic.read...

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Millennials Need $500K Per Year To Be Happy

Look what participation trophies hath wrought; they don't think they can be happy for less than $500,000 per year.read more

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Thanksgiving Dinner – Do We Need An Electoral College To Prevent Tyranny Of The Turkey Majority?

In 2000, 2016, and 2020, a political party declared that the electoral college needed to go - because they lost. What they don't realize is that despite how state results appear in their favor, they are not. If it was a direct vote, a candidate would win with 26% of the electorate, parties would be irrelevant, and the victor would be the candidate with the most aggressive position on a...

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Murder, Chemicals In Organic Food – Two Ways Thanksgiving Is Hazardous To Your Health

It's that time of year when activists, academics, and social media mavens hoping for media coverage begin to promote worry about Thanksgiving. Some risks are real, even if relatively slight; a lot more people driving mean more accidents and if you have a family member who is an International Agency for Research on Cancer epidemiologist, they will ignore the greater amount of driving and just...

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