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Posts made in June, 2020

American Cancer Society Nutrition Statements Are More Aspirational Wellness Than Evidence-Based Guidelines

Can you prevent cancer? Not really. The number one risk factor for cancer is old age, if you live long enough you are likely to get some form or another. Despite the beliefs of the Longevity crowd, we are biologically self-terminating.read...

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To Have Great Science Literacy, We Must Have Greater Digital Literacy – An Experiment Shows How

The anti-vaccine and anti-GMO movements are products of the digital age. While there were always vaccine deniers, they were a tiny religious fringe until the 2000s, when it took England and the coasts of the U.S. by storm. Similarly, odd beliefs about food always existed but they were relegated to obscure stores. Social media changed all that. Facebook and Twitter became hotbeds of...

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Would More Women In Academic Medicine Leadership Roles Have Improved Coronavirus Response?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were shown to be a bureaucratic mess when the coronavirus pandemic hit - refusing to send coronavirus tests unless hospitals first proved proved patients had coronavirus, then sending faulty reagents - and academic epidemiologists often seemed to be just making things up, but one area came through nicely; academic medicine.Medicine, along...

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Organic Trade Group Controversy: U.S. Right To Know Collaborator Tim Litzenburg Pleads Guilty To Extortion

Attorney Timothy Litzenburg, a collaborator of discredited former journalist Carey Gillam, who now runs "research" for the organic food PR group US Right To Know, was arrested last week on extortion charges related to a common weedkiller which US Right To Know and other groups helping attorneys insist can cause human cancer.read...

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5G Update: Belief In Harm Is Still Belief In Magic

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The NYU Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, Berkeley psychologist Joel Moskowitz, and other anti-science conspiracy theorists use the language of science against it to advance their beliefs that we're all being harmed by the modern world.So when they see a scientific statement like "very low risk" of harm from any cell phone service, including 5G, they have a ready...

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