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Posts made in July, 2023

New Survey Says People Want To Buy ‘Healthier’ Subssitutes – Science Says Save Your Money

A new survey says lots of people opt for 'healthier' substitutes like chicken instead of beef and vanilla-flavored plant juice instead of milk, and 56 percent of them claim to feel better doing so.Well, they probably do feel better. The reason is not the food, it is that they changed their diet and it is a psychological adjuvant for lots of other positive things, like fewer calories or more...

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Center for Biological Diversity Sues SpaceX Because Space Travel Isn’t Always Perfect

When the SpaceX Starship self-destruct system exploded it over the Gulf of Mexico in April, it's easy to imagine that Center for Biological Diversity and other predatory law groups were giddy - they had a new reason to sue someone and collect a settlement check.That time has finally arrived, they can start counting yacht payments.Because environmental groups have mastered 'sue and settle'...

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Plant Based Alt Milk Is Not Nutritionally Equal To Dairy

If your child is allergic to milk, flavored plant juice alternatives like rice and soy, when fortified, can fill in some gaps, but outside necessity, they are not nutritionally equal to dairy, no matter what marketing departments claim.Once upon a time, the US government protected consumers with Standards of Identity, they sued a cheese company for putting how much milk was in a slice of its...

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Kenyan Government Needs To Listen To Farmers – That Will Make Pesticide Usage Safer

In wealthy western breadbaskets like France and the United States, environmental groups who get donations from the $130 billion organic food industry claim it is viable everywhere else too. It's not just that they don't understand agriculture or science, though that is most of it. It is that they don't realize their modern White Savior Colonialism puts Africans at risk.There is a reason that...

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Generational Labels Were Always Fake – But They Are Great Marketing

Pew has announced they will no longer use 'generational labels' and instead use age cohorts. It makes sense demographically but it never made sense that anyone used them in the first place. When I was born, the Baby Boom was an event - a post-World War II increase in births due to soldiers returning home. But when they grew up they were reading the works of people who felt 'lost' because...

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