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Posts made in February, 2012

Dear Media: Please Exaggerate The Risks Of Bat Flu

If if you're in media and tired old swine flu sounds too hammy to generate page views and bird flu does not make your audience cry fowl any more, there is good disease news - scientists may have found flu in bats. If bats can get a virus, why can't humans, in an anthropogenic, anthropocentric world?  Well, it isn't necessarily the flu in bats but it is genetic fragments of a flu virus....

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If Science 2.0 Doesn’t Work Out, I Will Sell Organic Food For Dogs

It's always good to have a back-up plan and I may have found mine if Science 2.0 doesn't get bought by some rich media conglomerate in Germany; people gullible enough to believe their organic food is structurally or nutritionally superior and are willing to overpay for it are also likely to overpay for pet food. read...

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The Neuroscience Benefits Of Lent

In a modern culture that promotes releasing the Id to do as it pleases (but then over-regulating what it can have access too, so no cigarettes, video games or trans-fats) fasting is out of place.  Yet people still do it, to the frustration of neo-rationalists and atheist zealots, who note with condescension that it has as little impact on behavior as wearing a football jersey has on the...

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California Republicans – The End Is Near

California Republicans are dwindling. Their opponents blame them for being wrong, of course, but it’s hard to argue that while virtually every other minority in a hostile climate wants to leave, Republicans are not being pushed out and replaced by people who want to be around others of the same political philosophy. A little majority maneuvering did not hurt. Republicans were already down...

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Obama Administration On The Defensive Over Energy Policies

The Obama administration delayed, and then canceled, the Keystone XL Project expansion that would have generated up to 120,000 jobs and lowered the cost of fuel for Americans.  Now, with oil at $108 a barrel, the opposition party has him scrambling to rationalize how that is a good...

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