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Posts made in March, 2012

Biologists May Long For A Life Sciences Higgs Boson – But Shouldn’t

Dr. Heidi Ledford at Nature says physicists enjoy more generous funding, more commercial interest and more popular support than biologists.  Thousands of physicists in the United States stopped reading right there. While biology has an entire National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Johns Hopkins alone gets a $1 billion in research funding for the life sciences, physicists get...what again?...

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Placentophagia – Eating Afterbirth As Disgusting As It Sounds

In America, we don't eat cats or snails or brains but a lot of food choices are just cultural.  So it may be with afterbirth.Placentophagia may offer benefits to human mothers and perhaps to non-mothers and even males, according to a new study in Ecology of Food and Nutrition. Hey, they have devoted a whole issue to Placentophagia so it must be important....

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Heat From Hell May Be Secular Green Energy

Krafla, in the north of Iceland, is a caldera ten kilometers wide. It is basically a geological cauldron, created when the core of a volcano collapsed in the distant past. The crater Víti (it means “Hell” in Icelandic) is inside Krafla. In 1724 this crater erupted but now scientists want to use the awesome power of Hell for good; so they have drilled a two-kilometre deep well into the...

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Solar Power Is Booming – Why Do We Want To Kill It?

We'd have to be crazy not to want more solar power - the Sun is limitless energy and, as time and research tackle the science and technology issues, it will get a lot more efficient.In 2005, when President Bush and a Republican Congress (you know, the people who hated both science and clean energy) authorized the solar investment tax credit, solar panel imports were a paltry $21.3 million. The...

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Can The Government Make You Buy Broccoli?

If the government can make you buy something, why can't it make you buy anything?  You may one day need health care so if they can make you buy health insurance now, why can't they make you buy broccoli, since you will need food? If all people do not buy cars, cars may become more expensive for those who do, so should the government make everyone buy a car?“Could you define the market —...

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