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Science Left Behind

Science Left Behind: Feel-Good Fallacies and the Rise of the Anti-Science Left

Coming September 2012 from Public Affairs Books

Available for pre-order on Barnes and Noble and Amazon.com

Are conservatives anti-science? Pundits eagerly trot out the fact that many Republicans don’t believe in evolution, don’t believe in global warming, and dislike embryonic stem cell research. If science were constituted of just those three issues, then the critics might have a point. However, as science writers Hank Campbell and Alex Berezow argue, there is much more to science and science controversies than right wing people. The anti-vaccine, anti-nuclear power, anti-animal research, and anti-genetic modification movements are all rooted in progressive ideology. So are the more extreme exponents of environmental movement, as well as those who oppose science education reform. “Science Left Behind” calls the left to task for the unconscious political biases that lead to dangerous fallacies, and proves definitively that anti-scientific thinking is a bipartisan phenomenon.

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