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Posts made in March, 2013

Don’t Sequester Duck Penises

Because most politics is instead political theater, the government has made a show of canceling White House tours and Easter egg hunts and told airline travelers to expect longer lines. The White House calligraphy staff has managed to write along just fine, though. And science is continuing to move also. Despite claims that sequestration would harm projects, in reality it has little to do with...

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A Farmer’s Market Manager Argues For GMOs

England’s Prince Charles famously said, “(GMOs) are not in God’s plan.” If you don't have a direct line to God like he does, that's okay, you can still easily see that most resistance to GMOs is based on quasi-religious belief in a perfect natural Eden rather than reason. "A ban on any GMO products would limit consumer choice. As a farmers market manager, I am reluctant to do so,"...

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Anti-Science Activism Forces Helmholtz To Withdraw From Canadian Research

There's no question Europe is more anti-science than North America; it's the home of the 'vaccines cause autism' craze, anti-biology fanaticism, anti-energy fanaticism and the belief that cell phones cause cancer and scientists should go to jail if they can't predict an earthquake.Like America, as government has taken more control of science research, science research has become more...

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Men Are Living Longer – And Somehow That Is Bad For Women

It used to be that women lived a comfortable length longer than men. That gap has closed and men's life spans have increased more than women recently; 4.6 years for men since 1989 and 2.7 years for women, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.Amanda Fiegl at National Geographic says that this is alarming - a "troubling trend" that men live almost as long as women and blames...

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Psychology Professor Fired For Embezzlement

“I am not going to tell some twirp with an accountancy diploma who my professional colleagues are so that he can call around and embarrass me,” said McGill University psychology professor Avi Chaudhuri to the dean of his department in 2008, when accountants wanted to find out where a large chunk of money disappeared.

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