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Posts made in April, 2013

GCB Means Not Being A Victoria’s Secret Model

Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have much to dispute in former model Kylie Bisutti’s book about being a Victoria’s Secret model – so they simply dispute that she was ever an ‘angel’. Her book is called I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model to Role Model and that is the part that got Victoria’s Secret ranting to […]

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SEQanswers: Real-Time Knowledge-Sharing For Genomes

Large population-scale studies powered by high-throughput sequencing technologies have generated massive amounts of genomic data, with the potential to revolutionize genetics and medicine.But the translation of these data to actionable medicine is complicated by the challenges of extracting meaningful information from high-throughput sequencing  data. The challenge is beyond computational,...

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How Much Global Warming Will It Take To Kill Mosquitoes?

You might think last year’s Midwest drought, the worst in 25 years and causing crop losses and water shortages in some places, would have an upside; a lot fewer mosquito eggs. Nope. Pesky evolution was around a long time before pesky global warming (okay, maybe not, at one point Earth was really, really warm – […]

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The Curse Of Top Gun Update: Lara Flynn Boyle

If you read The Curse of Top Gun, you know not to mess with Tom Cruise – and that aging actresses look weird and creepy when they use 1950s technology (plastic surgery) and 13th century diseases (Botox) to try and look young. Lara Flynn Boyle was not in “Top Gun” but she was in “Twin […]

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Sexiest Vegan: PETA Objectifies Women Again

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is continuing its long-standing policy of defending dead animals by exploiting live human women.Well, clearly it works, since I am giving them free publicity by hammering on their lack of ethics in my blog once again, but at least this time it is not about their being anti-science crackpots or killing animals they say they want to protect, it...

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