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Posts made in August, 2013

Students Throw Bricks Over High Fertilizer Prices For Coffee Farmers

A peaceful protest of 30,000 turned violent when young people wearing masks opted to show their support for farmers by throwing bombs and bricks in city streets. At least four people were arrested and 12 police officers injured in the melee in downtown Bogota. Red Cross officials said 10 civilians were hurt.The 45,000 farmers, coffee growers and truck drivers who have blocked highways and...

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Weekend Science: The Sunscreen Value Of Beards

Facial hair can be a status symbol - as Sikh women say, they know their men have a full motor under the hood - but does it protect against sun damage, as commonly believed?The sun's most harmful rays are UV - ultraviolet - radiation. Though they are too high in frequency for us to see, that they are still hitting you is why you can still get burned on a day when the sun is not shining brightly....

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EPA Sued By Animal Activists – But Is It Real?

Friends don't sue each other, right?So it would seem to be a bad idea for animal rights groups to sue the EPA because the EPA is going to not do something they never started doing anyway. Activists need the EPA to enforce their goals, they have no authority without the EPA or various other federal laws and bodies to oversee laws that highly-paid lobbyists convince lawmakers to pass.While it might...

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Organoids Get Cerebral

Organoids, those laboratory-created tissue structures designed to mimic human organ functions, are now getting into your head. read...

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Undermine Science By Redefining It

A common technique of activists and people who generally distrust science and want to undermine it is to clog up the discourse with sophistry, like "it depends on how you define X", or they claim that their personal belief means science is not science, but rather morality.  read...

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