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Posts made in September, 2014

Cows Are Smarter Than Whole Foods Shoppers


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Peanut Allergy? It May Be How They Are Cooked

East Asians and Westerners tend to suffer the same types of food allergies in about the same proportions. But there is an exception. Westerners are roughly twice as likely as East Asians to be allergic to peanuts.Why gives? And why are people allergic to peanuts at all? Writing in The Economist, Alex Berezow dives into clinical immunology and discusses a study finding that mice were also more...

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Blind Spot: Our Coming Eye Disease Epidemic

Almost 2 million Americans have an advanced form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and about 100,000 are blind from the disease. In AMD, cells in the retina, that layer of tissue in the back of the eye, begin to break down. What was once sharp central vision becomes blurry.  read...

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Literary Wanderlust – 24 Chosen For The First Amtrak Residency Program

Nothing says romantic nostalgia like the idea of riding a train - it's slow, it is serene. I'd do it more often but it takes 21 hours to go from my home in California to Seattle - and the last time I went the power outlets hadn't been updated since about 1975, so you could use an electric shaver but not a laptop.That means 21 hours of doing nothing, unless you write longhand. Or you carry a...

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The ‘Green Blob’ Is A Bigger Threat To Bees Than Neonicotinoids

Neonicotinoid pesticides were invented because there was concern that they could have an effect on bees.Colony collapses have happened all throughout recorded history, of course, but in an immediate news cycle when every blip leads to gigantic fundraising opportunities, it is customary to hyperventilate and mobilize the donor base against science. Yet despite the beliefs of...

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