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Posts made in August, 2015

The Dying Gasp Of Chuck Benbrook’s Credibility

Dr. Chuck Benbrook is an economist who may be an adjunct at Washington State University but calls himself a research professor and tells the public he is an expert in biology. Why so many organic food proponents believe a guy about something as complex as genetic modification when he can't even get his own title correct is a mystery we can't solve today but we know his credibility sure won't be...

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Union of Concerned Scientists Sides With Science

A decade ago, Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) cared little about science. They were run by a staffer from the Democratic party who was put in the place to mobilize soft-money donations from friendly foundations and political committees. Republicans were in power - times were good for them.Academic scientists barely noticed their partisan skew because Republicans Were Anti-Science. They...

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Is Methane A Problem? Or Just Environmental Framing To Go After Natural Gas?

Methane has 23X the short term warming impact of CO2 but, it was noted by environmentalists when they used to advocate for natural gas, methane is very short-lived and the amount released due to natural gas usage is negligible.Yet now the Environmental Protection Agency is looking for ways to punish the booming natural gas industry and they are citing methane as a problem. read...

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Clean Energy Can Now Leave Wacky Environmentalists Behind

It used to be that clean energy was something that environmental lobbyists pretended to care about, at least when it came to raising money.  Greenpeace, NRDC, you name it, they all put clean energy in their tool chest of ways to get their hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank.Of course, they never actually built anything to help us get clean energy, just like they don't do...

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Vani Hari, The Food Babe, Isn’t Just Wrong – She’s A Hypocrite

Vani Hari, "The Food Babe", has apparently made pretty good money selling pseudoscience to her audience. Obviously, almost anything she has said has been debunked by qualified doctors and scientists, but what was little realized is how much money she makes selling the ingredients she claims are dangerous.No one's life is in peril, of course, because like her claims on microwaves and air...

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