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Posts made in October, 2015

Millennials May Be The Death Of Organic Farming

A demographic educated to believe they want locally grown and accustomed to cheap should be the perfect target market for organic food, especially after its giant size - a $100 billion industry(!) - has brought costs down, but organic corporations shouldn't rest on their laurels.

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FOIA Shows How Anti-GMO Economist Orchestrated “Independent” Research To Promote Organic Food

Robyn O’Brien—who styles herself as a foodie version of Erin Brokovich - considers economist Chuck Benbrook - who styled himself a Research Professor while an adjunct at Washington State  University - a "mentor" and an "inspiration."

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My Talk At The Western Plant Health Association Meeting

Last week, the Western Plant Health Association, which represents California, Arizona and Hawaii companies involved in plant nutrients, soil amendments, agricultural minerals and crop protection products (basically, technologies such as fertilizer and pesticides), held its annual meeting in Maui and I was invited to speak about the issues involved in bringing agricultural science to a public that...

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Bay Area Skeptics To Hold Official Houdini Séance On Halloween

Can the greatest escape artist even escape death? In the spirit of scientific skepticism, two on-stage séances will summon the ghost of Harry Houdini — on Halloween, the anniversary of his death. The first séance will be earnest, conducted by a professional “psychic medium.” The second will be full of illusion and special effects, conducted by master magician Paul Draper....

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2015 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists Announced

Three winners and six finalists of the 2015 Blavatnik Regional Awards for Young Scientists have been announced. The awards were created in 2007 and honor postdoctoral scientists from institutions across New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Winners are awarded $30,000 each and finalists are awarded $10,000 each in unrestricted funds. 

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