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Posts made in July, 2019

We’ve Won The War On Smoking, Obesity Will Soon Be The Top Lifestyle Killer

Though Europe and Asia still smoke far more cigarettes than intelligent people should, and therefore cancer rates due to that will stay high for another 20 years or more, the clear trend in lifestyle diseases is obesity-related ones.That is actually a win, and far better than the bleak Population Bomb promoted by people like John Holdren and Paul Ehrlich just a few decades ago. Though there is...

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A Call For Natural Gas And Nuclear: PPCA Coal Reductions Won’t Slow Climate Change

The Powering Past Coal Alliance(1) wants to phase out coal power but are hampered by limited membership who don't have to face economic realities. Finland has different energy sources available than China has. And China is not going to be bullied by Finland, Denmark, or anyone else.read...

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