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Posts made in December, 2019

Just Correlation: Don’t Fall Prey To NIEHS Weak Association When It Comes To Hair Dye Products

A new paper warns us all that hair dye and other products have been linked to cancer - minority women impacted most.There is one huge reason not to take it seriously, if you accept chemistry, biology, or toxicology: The senior author is from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, which for the last decade has competed with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)...

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Court In France Bans Two Products With Sulfoxaflor After Environmental Lawsuits

Though deemed safe by French science bodies, sales of the Transform and Closer brands were suspended by a French court at the request of environmental groups in 2017 anyway. Now they have made the ban official, siding with claims that sulfoxaflor may be able to harm bees.read...

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Your ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’ Friend – Conspiracy Believers Are Often Not Crackpots About Everything

"Epstein didn't kill himself" is a conspiracy meme that has been everywhere lately. If you are not familiar with the name Jeffrey Epstein, he was a billionaire and convicted sex offender - but as a billionaire he was connected to almost everyone in politics and culture, so when he was found dead in his jail cell, denied bail on a new charge, there began concerns someone had him killed to keep him...

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FDA Warns About Hepatitis A Outbreak From Blackberries At Fresh Thyme Farmers Markets

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is investigating a multistate outbreak of hepatitis A illnesses potentially linked to blackberries from the grocery store Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.As of today, CDC reports 16 illnesses, with the most recent illness onset date on November 15, 2019. read...

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5 Common Questions About Why SciComm Writes

I got an email from a young person at a university stating they were working on a research paper, and while many in the science and scicomm community are jaded about such requests - we are doing someone's homework for them, it is said - I always answer. It's a nonprofit, answering is the job.The questions were rather specific to GMOs so I stuck to that, but of course I write about a lot more than...

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