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Posts made in March, 2021

The Feel Good Fallacy Of Elite Philanthrophy

MacKenzie Scott does not give Science 2.0 any money. I wish she did. For a minute fraction of her $57 billion we could increase the science literacy for Americans quite a lot. I am not criticizing her, just a few months ago she pledged $4 billion to nearly 400 groups, from food banks to community colleges. She didn't have to do that, no rich person does, it is wonderful she did. It...

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Sulfate Aerosols Implicated In Climate Change

It's become increasingly hypocritical for wealthy countries to declare a hard stop on CO2 emissions before poor countries even have centralized energy for cooking and water, but a new simulation finds that Draconian caps on quality of life in developing nations may not be needed.read...

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Pot Farms Cause More Global Warming In Colorado Than Their Coal Mines

A new study found that Colorado's booming pot industry is causing more CO2 emissions than its coal - almost 50 percent more.The reason is that marijuana in Colorado has to be grown in giant greenhouses which require air conditioning or heat, plus giant lights. This does not include emissions associated with storage and processing.read...

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Does An Interior Department Run By Deb Haaland Actually Put Endangered Species At Greater Risk?

Deb Haaland is the U.S. Representative for New Mexico's 1st congressional district since 2019. Predictably, she is a lawyer. Less common is that she was a casino executive.If you are wondering if any of those count as qualifications to run the Interior Department, you are not alone. In the Washington Examiner today, I outline some of the science concerns that people on the left and right who...

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Sustainability Is Just A Fundraising Buzzword Until It Does These 4 Things

Is it more sustainable to have 2 billion people burning wood and dung for energy than to have centralized coal? Any objective look at the science says coal, while not perfect, is better for emissions, public health, and quality of life than individual fires but the U.S. government, guided by lobbyists, refused to provide World Bank funding for developing nations to create centralized energy -...

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