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Posts made in April, 2022

The COVID-19 Pandemic Created a New Addiction: Maskaholics

When a judge declared the Biden administration's attempt to extend the mandate of masks on airplanes unlawful, the Biden administration walked away from that effort. That, to me, was a sign that they knew the science was not on their side but they were placating their constituents who do not really trust vaccines.Wait, aren't the Republicans the ones who don't trust vaccines? Only for the last...

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Will The Ukraine War Bring The World A New Chocolate Pilot?

The last time the Russians went to war in Europe, it was the Cold War.  After World War II ended, the USSR wanted Germany to remain relatively weak. The US instead believed that part of the reason behind World War II was a Germany that had been too heavily penalized by other European countries after World War I. After defeat, Germany had been divided into four sectors, controlled by...

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The Biden Administration Continues To Engage In Behavior Not Justified While Claiming Science Is On Their Side

Does the CDC dictate property law in the United States? The Biden administration claimed it did, and that was only one of the bizarre efforts to use government agencies to legislate around Congress.The White House hoped to stretch "Chevron deference", a flawed Supreme Court interpretation which found that government agencies could create rules that act like laws without needing Congress as long...

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The Alternative Meat Industry Wants Solar Power Style Mandates And Subsidies

A new report says that the alternative meat industry, plant-based products designed to look and taste like meat, raised $8 billion even during the pandemic. That's a big success.They want more but oddly lament that most of their money comes from the private sector. They want the trillions of dollars in subsidies that solar and wind have gotten, claiming it will fight climate change. That's a big...

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The Next Pollution Target Is Your Dryer Lint – Fabric Softener To The Rescue?

A new study says that drying a load of laundry in a machine releases "microfibers" into the air but chemicals made by a $76 billion company will save us.Microfibers? Is that a thing? Sure, we have defined healthy down to such an extent that no one is without a disease of some kind. With endocrine disrupting chemicals, small micron particulate matter, and supermarket food it is amazing any of us...

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