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Conservationists Move Species To Create Natural ‘Fixes’ To Problems, And Sometimes Create Pandemics

Using their own proprietary consultant as the sole source for their "evaluation", US Fish and Wildlife Service once tried to extort up to $30 million from a private landowner in Louisiana, by stating they needed to created a habitat for an "endangered" frog and that was the only suitable location. And the landowner had to pay for it.Except the frog already lived just fine in Mississippi. Its name...

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EU Says It Will Recycle 70% Of Electric Car Batteries – Here’s Why That’s Actually Worse For The Environment

Electric cars are popular, thanks to government mandates and subsidies, but they have a problem in the distance; massive amounts of battery waste.The EU, for example, wants to have 30 million electric cars by 2030 and while politicians can ignore the fossil fuel demands and strain on the grid, electric cars bring something they can't ignore; the environmental impact of giant toxic batteries in...

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Sustainability Is Just A Fundraising Buzzword Until It Does These 4 Things

Is it more sustainable to have 2 billion people burning wood and dung for energy than to have centralized coal? Any objective look at the science says coal, while not perfect, is better for emissions, public health, and quality of life than individual fires but the U.S. government, guided by lobbyists, refused to provide World Bank funding for developing nations to create centralized energy -...

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The Biden Administration Is Blaming Trump For EPA Siding With Environmentalists Against Agricultural Science

A small fish in central Texas, a freshwater mussel in the Mobile River basin, and another mussel in Alabama’s Coosa and Cahaba Rivers have something strange in common; they appeared on an EPA list of threatened species “likely to be adversely affected” by a popular herbicide named atrazine.I don't see how could things get worse for the San Marcos gambusia, the Upland Combshell and the...

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Bee Brains: New Attack On Science Claims Insects Can’t Sleep Unless Pesticides Are Organic

After suffering 80 percent losses in sugar beet crops due to the yellows virus, and now being free from the EU's activist-dominated politicization of science, the UK has decided to put a halt to the 80 percent decline and reverse course for crops before farmers went bankrupt.read...

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E-Waste Is Declining, Government Needs To Change Laws To Keep Up – And Get Out Of The Recycling Business

When your Xbox is a gaming console and a 4K Blu-Ray player, you don't need two devices, and when your phone is a camera and a video recorder, there are two fewer things to buy - and eventually throw away.As smart devices have become more integrated, and more commodities like a dishwasher than technology events, people own fewer things and keep them longer. That means less electronic waste. Yet...

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