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Public Health

Cheat Mood: 40% Of The Healthiest Eaters Still Indulge When They Are Down

In the haze of smoke and mirrors about nutrition, it's easy to think that you will lose weight if you eliminate some scary chemicals (Endocrine Disruptors!™) or scary foods (Sugar! Dairy! Meat! High Fructose Corn Syrup! Grain! Gluten!) but the reality is much simpler: You just need fewer calories.No, really. In 100 percent of studies, people who consumed fewer calories than they...

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Oregon Makes Goat Yoga Into A Thing

On the American Council on Science and Health Facebook page, you just never know what you are going to find, but if you had told me I would find goat yoga I'd have made...goat noises at you.Yet there it is, courtesy of the state of Oregon, the place where Californians who think San Francisco is too politically conservative and scientifically evidence-based move.And so goat yoga is a thing...

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Gun Violence: A Public Health Problem

President Barack Obama has used an executive order to bypass Congress and tighten control and enforcement over firearms in the United States, in response to concerns about gun violence and gun safety. If it survives the inevitable court challenges, it will mean more background checks, expanded registration and $500 million for mental health initiatives. President Obama believes these measures...

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Kashi GoLean Non-GMO Project Cereal Has Traces Of Glyphosate

Not only does organic food have pesticides, which the $100 billion Big Organic industry would rather you forget, but it even has synthetic pesticides.And that "Non-GMO Project" project sticker won't save you, because some boxes of Kashi GoLean Original cereal may have been "verified" by that piece of paper also, yet the food still had glyphosate, according to an analysis by another activist...

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Health Halo: Taco Bell Removes Pointless Artificial Ingredients From Junk Food

Have you been avoiding Taco Bell because of the Yellow No. 6 dye in its nacho cheese?  Of course not. And if removing that or carmine from its red tortilla chips means you will suddenly think their food is healthy, you are being educated by advertising. Which is just what they are hoping.There is nothing healthy about Taco Bell or Pizza Hut or Chipotle yet they have all delivered similar...

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Can You Be Whole Grain And Gluten Free?

Americans have new dietary guidelines and those state that half of our daily servings of grains should be whole grain, because whole grains are higher in fiber and lower in fat, etc.5 percent of you will actually do that. Why the Federal government would diet shame 95 percent of America is a separate issue, perhaps they want to create an ideal for you to strive for, the same way supermodels are...

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