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If We Want The Next Generation To Care About The Environment, Stop Saying It’s Not To Be Enjoyed

Few care about nature as much as hunters, fishers, and other outdoor sporting enthusiasts. Yet, that is the opposite of the narrative created by more militant environmental groups, who promote the belief that land must be untouched by people and legally off-limits, even if it means government social authoritarianism.Yet in their desire to raise their $2 billion a year by keeping everyone on...

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Sorry Science, By High School 4X As Many Women As Men Want To Enter Medical Fields Instead

There are more women getting degrees in the life science, social science, and pre-med fields, while more men graduate in engineering and physics. Some contend that is gender bias introduced at a young age, but since education is 70 percent women it is difficult to charge them with sexism against females. Regardless of why, whether it is just that women prefer fields like medicine, where they...

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Would More Women In Academic Medicine Leadership Roles Have Improved Coronavirus Response?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were shown to be a bureaucratic mess when the coronavirus pandemic hit - refusing to send coronavirus tests unless hospitals first proved proved patients had coronavirus, then sending faulty reagents - and academic epidemiologists often seemed to be just making things up, but one area came through nicely; academic medicine.Medicine, along...

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Epidemiologists Advocate For Warning Labels On Soda – And Hope California Will Notice

A team of epidemiologists who correlate specific types of calories, rather than simply too many calories, to obesity have written a new paper advocating for cigarette-style warning labels on soda. read...

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Business Insider Takes A Trip Down 2019 Chemophobia Lane

Thanks to COVID-19, the public has gotten a lot more skeptical about claims that chemicals, food, and medicine are corporate conspiracies created to replace natural products that worked just fine. Even more ridiculous has been the belief that millions and millions of people are dying from these newer products even though there are no bodies to be found.Science is back, and that may be why...

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Coronavirus Has Caused Democrats To Move Back Toward Trust In Science

A year ago, and for this entire century, the nexus of anti-vaccine beliefs and other denial of science has been Democratic states. While places like Mississippi and Alabama had vaccine rates near 100 percent, an infectious disease crisis that began on the west coast forced politicians in California, where kids without vaccines totaled more than the other 49 states combined, to shuck off their...

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