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Economists Claim Virtual Pollution Ruins Your Chess Game

Small micron particulate matter, commonly called PM2.5, needs an electron microscope to be visible to you but once real smog, PM10, declined by the 1990s, air pollution activists began to tout this new killer. Since it is 1/4th the size of real pollution air quality maps could often be red, or at least yellow, and that is good business for trial lawyers. The problem quickly became that no one...

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Patents Are Bad For Science, Says Taxpayer Funded Academic

We don't get many new antibiotics in America despite there being a great need. The reason is simple; though 85% of American drug spending is for "generic" - it is off patent, so anyone can make it without doing any work - a lot of people want everything to be generic. And cheap.There is nothing cheap about science, so companies who don't want to spend $1 billion and 10 years for a new antibiotic...

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This Christmas, Help Us Debunk The Holiday Suicide Myth

Ask some, and certainly companies selling remedies, and they will tell you there is so much depression during holidays that suicides rise noticeably. If someone believes it, a producer or editor in corporate media will want to publish it, and therefore more people hear about it, and that is why many believe that suicide rates rise during the year-end holiday season. It isn't true, any more than...

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Distributive Justice: People Claim They Want More Income Fairness Until They Realize It Hurts Others

Distributive justice is the subject of social, and therefore political, debate, but like 'sustainability' no one really knows what it means so it can mean anything to anyone. And therefore be used by everyone for their agendas. Socialists in New York City are against the mayor's plan to take people who are clearly mental ill in the homeless population and hospitalize them, for example, they say...

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America Leads The World In Science – And Anti-Science Conspiracy Theories

With a tiny fraction of the world population, the United States dominates science output. America dominates in Nobel prizes, and adult science literacy.Yet leading the world in science literacy needs under 30% of its people, so it isn't that America is great, it is more that other countries are terrible. Anyone looking at the science policies of Europe - 'anything but science' is the default -...

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‘What Hath God Wrought’ – Today, Luddites Are Concerned About Weedkillers Like They Once Were The Telegraph

Do you believe the telegraph was giving telegraph operators cancer? If not, it's only because there was no Robert F. Kennedy Jr. or US Right To Know group promoting fear and doubt about it the way they do vaccines, food, and cell phones.On May 24th, 1844 a telegram was sent from the Capitol because Samuel Morse, the inventor, wanted a government contract. Because he was diplomatic, he let the...

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