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Like Vaccines? Thank The Military

As academia slid left politically in America beginning in the 1970s, an uncomfortable reality began to be swept under metaphorical university rugs; a whole lot of academic scientific innovation is due to military need. Like that your child's modern baby seat can't erupt in flame? Thank the Roman military of almost 2,000 years ago. Like heating up your recyclable pouch of avocado toast points in...

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The Guardian Lets Legal Clerk Erin Brockovich Trump Biology, Toxicology, And Chemistry

The Guardian, official newspaper of those in the anti-science left who still like to pretend they love science, knows what pays the bills...and it ain't science.Yes, some real scientists write there, because it's mainstream media and scientists who do outreach want to be in as many publications as they can, but for the most part Guardian editors distrust science, because their audience does. And...

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Sir David Attenborough Tells The UN Global Warming Is Causing The ‘Collapse Of Civilization’

In 2006, former Vice-President and global warming clarion Al Gore said we only had 10 years to stop CO2 emissions or it would be too late. More cynical people noted that he came up with that 10-year figure because it was two years from his rematch contest for U.S. President plus eight he expected to be in office. It's beyond me to know if that was ever his intent, but if it was, perhaps a Peace...

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Mississippi Gopher Frog: Science 2.0 Beats Center For Biological Diversity In The Supreme Court 8-0

It may not feel like science wins often in court but it beat out activists last week. Not only did science, and Science 2.0, win, it was a unanimous decision at the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court of the United States.  And the ruling dealt a serious blow to "sue and settle" agreements with trial lawyer groups, in this case Center for Biological Diversity, along with limiting...

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Social Psychologists Don’t Trust Evolutionary Psychologists – And Scientists Don’t Trust Either

Do you want to believe that your car grill is determined by your personality or that lap dancers get better tips when they are ovulating? You probably like evolutionary psychology. Want to believe that surveys of psychology undergraduates at elite schools represent humanity, without the expense and risk of dealing with real people, who can be pretty sketchy? Social psychology is for...

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Women Only Earn 49% Of What Men Do, If You Use The Right Helping Verb

Women May Earn Just 49 Cents on the Dollar, is the title of an article by Annie Lowrey in The Atlantic.It's only below the fold that, after laying out lots of links and obfuscation and conflicting claims designed to make the audience believe the situation is oh so complicated that we get this quiet disclaimer:read...

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