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Posts made in July, 2020

Weekend Science: Are You Bitter? You’re More Likely To Drink IPA Beers

After centuries of converging on balanced, smooth beers, the industry suddenly lurched sideways in the 21st century. While large brands now have to fear for their existence, men in beards are making a fortune selling pronounced, bitter craft brews.The business segment may have been with us all along, according to a new analysis. The survey of 109 beer consumers in a blind experiment found that...

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Does Genomics Hold Back Advancement Against Racism In Medical Equality?

A new Hastings Report compilation is based on the notion that genomics are the reason we still have medical inequality. Since genomics is a field that exists to sequence our DNA content and therefore help understand disease, it seems odd to posit that it could promote inequality when studying biology we all share.read...

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While Men Talked About Climate Change, Eunice Foote Pioneered The Science

In 1787, U.S. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson wrote "Notes on the State of Virginia" and included five chapters relating to science. Of its climate he wrote a note about warming: "From the year 1741 to 1769, an interval of twenty-eight years, there was no instance of fruit killed by the frost in the neighborhood of Monticello."A short while later, Noah Webster, later famous for his...

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TikTok Is The Newest Chinese App That Might Steal Your Secure Information

TikTok, the short video sharing app owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, has already been banned by the United States military, Wells Fargo, and the nation of India. A new report says no corporate phone, or private devices that may access secure information, should install it. read...

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Knitting and Baking Are Great But Even With Coronavirus The Modern World Is Better Than The Past

Bring on the tanning lotion and cigarettes! No? Well, coronavirus has made the past cool again so it could be a matter of time. read more

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