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Organic Consumers Association And Joe Mercola Have A COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory – The Wealthy Got China To Do It

For much of 2020, it looked like media was trying to pivot the anti-vaccine movement from being predominantly left wing to one afflicting right. More right-wing people than left in America didn't want to wear masks, after all, so it seemed easy to claim they would be less likely to take a vaccine.read...

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The Biden Administration Is Blaming Trump For EPA Siding With Environmentalists Against Agricultural Science

A small fish in central Texas, a freshwater mussel in the Mobile River basin, and another mussel in Alabama’s Coosa and Cahaba Rivers have something strange in common; they appeared on an EPA list of threatened species “likely to be adversely affected” by a popular herbicide named atrazine.I don't see how could things get worse for the San Marcos gambusia, the Upland Combshell and the...

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New RAND Paper Argues Government Control Of Health Care Pricing Will Reduce Costs Better Than Competition

Rather than making affordable health care reality, the Affordable Care Act sent costs for many privately-insured people up as much as 700 percent. The federal government allowed insurers to pass through their new losses to everyone else and even with that, many insurers fled states due to the program being insoluble.Perhaps the solution is not to have people pay 700 percent more, but to force...

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Trophy Hunting Delivers Environmental And Social Benefits, Finds Study

The Pennsylvania Game Commission manages 1.5 million acres of land for its citizens and all "public land owners" are able to use it for hiking, hunting and various activities.Despite such an enormous responsibility, the Game Commission receives no General fund appropriations. The Game Commission and state biologists instead get to be stewards of nature thanks to nearly all of its $120,000,000 in...

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Coca-Cola And Disney Succeeed Because They Have Linguistically Feminine Names, Says A New Paper

Coca-Cola and Disney do not simply share being on Interbrand's Global Top Brands, says a new paper, they also share linguistically feminine names, and that helps their success with men and women. In fact, the highest-ranking companies have, on average, more feminine names than lower-ranked companies, they claim.read...

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