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Virtual Water Estimate Claims A Bitcoin Costs 4200 Gallons Of Water – It’s Not Real

Virtual water is one of those 1990s breezy claims created by activists, just like 'it takes a gallon of gas to make a pound of beef.'Anyone with any middle school ability to do arithmetic knows it isn't true, or the Mid-East would have been fighting wars over water for 2,000 years, instead of fighting over everything but that. Virtual water uses estimates of all the water that goes into a process...

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California Nutritionist: Twins Experiment Shows Vegan Diets Are Healthier. Science Disagrees

A California nutritionist who routinely extols supplements, fad diets, and alternatives to medicine is prominently covered by corporate media for claiming food diaries using twins shows that vegan diets are healthier.Yet it is so full of confounders that even IARC epidemiologists would have to ask awkward questions about his conclusion using that methodology.read...

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Are Trace Chemicals In Shiny Hair Products Killing You?

The dose makes the poison, except in academic epidemiology, where H-Index and citations necessitate writing papers claiming any dose is toxic.This is why EXPLORATORY claims aren't actually science itself. When your only method is to ask people what products they use, if they feel sad, angry, or have a disease, and then correlating the product you wanted to target to the malady, it is easy to...

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What Does ChatGPT Say About Holiday Eating Health?

Data tools like ChatGPT, colloquially called Artificial Intelligence (if you think a fancy autocomplete is actual AI), have the promise to do a lot of good. There are some concerns about human content 'creators' being replaced but we don't miss the 150,000 fewer bank tellers we had before the rise of ATMs and a lot of writing done by humans is pretty generic.read...

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Millennials Need $500K Per Year To Be Happy

Look what participation trophies hath wrought; they don't think they can be happy for less than $500,000 per year.read more

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