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If You Don’t Have A Brain Worm But Still Think GMOs And Cell Phones Cause Cancer, You Have No Excuse

It was recently revealed that anti-vaccine, anti-cell-phone conspiracy theorist Robert F. Kennedy had a brain worm. Well, claimed by him. Crackpots make lots of claims.He also claimed during his divorce that he got mercury poisoning from seafood, which was almost as supernatural in its supposed harmful effects back in 2012, according to trial lawyers running environmental groups and the wealthy...

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Organic Is Just A Marketing Designation, So Fraud Is Common

If you buy kosher food, how do you know it is really created using a special process? The same goes with Shade-Tree Grown, Fair Use, Ethical, Sustainable, Organic, and all the rest.(1)read more

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45 Percent Of People Try Diets And That’s A Good Thing, Even If They Fail

Most people who try a diet don't succeed in keeping weight off long-term and that is trumpeted as a huge failure of dieting by people who, wait for it, are often selling a competing diet.The health truth is that even if you fail, you improved your health. Claims that people whose weight go up and down are dying earlier are just the same bad epidemiology that has journalists lamenting that...

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Declaring War On Frappuccino And Diet Soda Is Not A Valid Government Nutrition Guideline

You're not  a Frank-people because you eat Doritos, despite what people writing lifestyle/diet books and New York Times journalists who gush over them want you to believe.Such claims are pure food populism by rich white people for rich white people. It's not science, it's instead not even right enough to be wrong.read...

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States Sue President Biden Over 2036 Truck Ban

To bolster declining electric car sales, President Biden told EPA to create a new emissions standard. The agency put epidemiologists to work and declared that X (fill in any number you like, it's epidemiology, that's what they did) life-years have been lost without electric cars and trucks, and created a new emissions-standard that is effectively a ban on their competitors.read...

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