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Dinosaurs And Aliens On The Moon: Harvard Found A Way To Stop Talk About Their Anti-Semitism

Harvard has found the perfect way to get old liberals to stop yelling at their young progressives due the school's antisemitism, a chronic reality they didn't want exposed in an election year: claim that aliens, cryptoterrestrials, are living in a secret base on the moon. With dinosaurs.read...

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Ultra-Processed Food Fetishists Have Turned On Vegans

What do you get when you combine food diaries of suspect reliability with an agenda against Big Food?A prominent epidemiologist. No methodology is deemed too shoddy to manufacture "statistical significance" because few in food epidemiology seem to recognize how useless that is as a barometer for "legitimate result."read...

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The Anti-Science Left Is Now Against Misinformation, Because The Right Caught Up To Them In It

Do you believe bees are dying, that GMOs 'need more study', modern pesticides cause impotence?If so, I know how you vote, and that you would be a great fit as a humanities academic claiming to be an expert about science. Like historian Dr. Naomi Oreskes, who sees conspiracies everywhere except in her tribe, even if a domestic front group for her political party got a gigantic mysterious off-shore...

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If Acupuncture Weren’t A Placebo, It Would Be Real Medicine, So It Can’t Help With Infertility

What plausible biological mechanism can explain how sticking tiny needs in your neck helps you get pregnant?There is none, and yet Traditional Chinese "Medicine", also known as acupuncture but under a variety of terms such as folk medicine, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine...and then whatever new rebrand needs to be done when people stop paying for the old one....

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With No Environmentalists To Block Science, A Communist Dictatorship Vaults Ahead In Food

Like all countries with a plan, China regards food as a strategic resource, so while western nations dither about new foods that require fewer pesticides and less water on less land, the communist dictatorship is moving ahead.This time with genetically engineered wheat. The product that eco-terrorists in the US wouldn't even allowed to be grown in a contained field without engaging in...

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