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Can AI Help Slow Future Pandemics?

If you missed the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, wait a few years and catch the next one. One happened in 2012, and in 2003, and since it was only discovered as distinct from the common cold in the 1960s, they may have been happening forever.If it isn't coronavirus, it could be a new flu. read...

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Conservationists Move Species To Create Natural ‘Fixes’ To Problems, And Sometimes Create Pandemics

Using their own proprietary consultant as the sole source for their "evaluation", US Fish and Wildlife Service once tried to extort up to $30 million from a private landowner in Louisiana, by stating they needed to created a habitat for an "endangered" frog and that was the only suitable location. And the landowner had to pay for it.Except the frog already lived just fine in Mississippi. Its name...

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Trust In Corporate Media Linked To Less Actual Knowledge About COVID-19

If you see someone on "TODAY" hawking four products per minute they claim are going to make your life better, there is a 100 percent chance it is a paid influencer invited because a producer needed content. Such influencers get paid because it works.This marketing strategy is also common on Facebook, Twitter, and outlets like Mother Jones, where organic food, supplements, and alternatives to...

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91% Of The World Don’t Live In Polluted Air, And It Has Not Made COVID-19 Worse

COVID-19 has been worse than the coronavirus pandemics of 2012 and 2003 yet the air is cleaner than ever, so a new op-ed claiming that 'virtual' pollution - so small you can't see it without an electron microscope - is the reason SARS-CoV-2 has been so bad comes across as silly, and bordering on deceptive.Even sillier, they claim that 91 percent of planet earth lives in unsafe air.read...

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Standard Model Rethink: Does Measurement Of Muon Magnetics Mean New Physics Are Coming?

Muons are leptons(1), fundamental particles formed in the atmosphere by cosmic rays that are a heavier cousin of electrons. The Standard Model has three generations of leptons; electrons, muons, and tau plus their three neutrinos. The Standard Model is in line with "the big bang" and measurements of the hydrogen/helium ratio - because the number of types of neutrinos affects the prevalence...

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