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Don’t Be A Charles About Science: The New Prince Of Wales Should Divest From Mystical Organic Beliefs

England is in crisis. They lost a beloved figurehead this month but for decades prior were losing scientific ground. If you look for the home of the modern organic food and anti-vaccine movements, you find their nexus in 1990s England.The primary royal behind those beliefs is now King Charles III. read...

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Disease Spillover Risk Was Oversimplified During The COVID-19 Pandemic – And It’s A Chronic Problem In Science Journalism

SAR, R0, these are all terms that became part of the pop culture lexicon during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, because they were used in simplistic fashion they were more helpful for those engaged in wedge politics than the public.Part of the problem can be laid at the feet of social media. COVID-19 was the third coronavirus pandemic of the last 17 years but it was the first to truly...

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Detecting Seafood Fraud Using Chemical Maps

Food fraud is common. Probably 25 percent of imported food with an "organic" label is just conventional food and even in America some organic farmers are just selling regular food. In Europe, everyone knew that Russia was not magically producing all of the organic food they were selling to France and Germany so those companies could pretend it works to feed the world.read...

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Infertility Was A Problem In The 19th Century, And Still Is Today In Scandinavia

It is something we have all heard; educated, wealthy people who don't want to have kids, for various reasons. They are letting culture of the future be created by someone else. It is common to be voluntary now but in the past it was not a choice.Demographers recently looked at the SkellefteƄ region in northern Sweden (since the work of digitizing population data from the 19th century on had...

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Bitter orange, Ephedra and Heart Issues: Supplements Among The Left Coasts Show How Endemic Anti-Science Beliefs Remain

Since 2021, journalists and their political allies have been acting like Republicans are anti-vaccine and Democrats have always been the party of science.Just the opposite was true. Prior to politicization of COVID-19, right-wing religious states like Alabama and Mississippi had nearly 100 percent vaccine uptake while cities like San Francisco, Berkeley, and Los Angeles had so much denial that...

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