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Socialist Libertarianism: How To Get 7 Beliefs Common To All Cultures Worldwide

A paper in Current Anthropology uses writing to distill what the authors believe are seven rules of morals common worldwide. It's certainly a catchy idea for people who sit at the bar asking why Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East can't get along but there is a big problem putting them into practice. Some morals aren't creating common ground because they are in opposition to each...

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Pedestrian Traffic Deaths Have Returned To 1990 Levels: What Is Causing It?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a simple chart of pedestrian deaths is worth 6,227 - that is the number of pedestrian deaths last year, not the length of this article. read more

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‘Apollo 11’ Documentary – Review

If you are in a hurry, I will save you some time. Do not walk, fly at 20,000 MPH to your nearest theater or Fandango or however you get IMAX tickets and see "Apollo 11."I want to be the first to congratulate Todd Douglas Miller on his 2020 Academy Award, because unless someone pumps out a documentary about a minority transgender person with their heart on the outside who escapes North Korea and...

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More Expensive Milk Won’t Help Farmers Enough – Culture Has Changed

I don't drink much milk now, though I did when I was a kid. I think I eat more cheese than I did then, and that makes sense. We were a poor family on a subsistence farm and cheese is expensive. Milk was not. At least if you got it right from the farmer. But most of us don't get it right from the farmer, which is one reason why an increase in milk prices in the U.S. won't help dairy farmers...

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Artificial Sweeteners Are Not Harmful For Gut Microbiota, They Are Even Prebiotics

Food is plentiful and affordable, and that has brought an increase in consumption of foods that matched an ancient evolutionary mandate; sweetness.In ancient times, humans knew that sweetness meant more calories and in a world where they often weren't sure where the next meal would come from, getting as many calories when they were available was important. When agriculture came into...

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