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Predicting The Oscars Using A Social Justice Regression Analysis

Using Social Justice Regression Analysis, we can determine an Oscar winner with startling success, just by predicting what special interests have won in previous years. That can be a road map for future directors and writers.

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Hollywood Bias? Snubbed Documentary “2016” More Popular Than The 15 Oscar Contenders Combined

The Academy Awards are never about the best movies, or even the movies people go to see, or even good movies. Instead, they are about rewarding the ‘right kind’ of production.  “Out Of Africa” got 11 Oscar nominations while “Ran” was not nominated for even one. American directors have made their whole careers lifting the work of Akira Kurosawa but he only got...

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Dear Wachowski Brothers

For the first 15 minutes of “Speed Racer” you have us convinced you are making the best movie of 2008,  “The Matrix” for kids and race cars.   Then you introduce two swear words and a pointless interlude and you end up giving us “The Matrix Revolutions” instead. I’d recut this movie and make it good if you would accept my help.  I can’t do much...

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